Helios NanoLab

The leading-edge tool for FIB/SEM applications


Imaging, analysis and control of matter at the nanoscale—keys to future research and development—are routine with the Helios NanoLab™. FEI's newest DualBeam™ combines the most advanced scanning electron microscope (SEM) and focused ion beam (FIB) technologies with innovative gas chemistries, detectors and manipulators. With unsurpassed SEM resolution, image quality and stunning Sidewinder™ FIB performance, imaging, milling or preparing samples is fast and easy for semiconductor and data storage labs, as well as industries and researchers facing today's most challenging applications.


Advantages and Capabilities


Outstanding imaging is standard with the Helios NanoLab's novel electron beam column, which builds on FEI's Titan™ electron optics and includes, along with a complete suite of detectors, a new imaging chain. It achieves superb contrast and resolution (sub-nanometer resolution at 15kV, and better than 1.5nm at 1kV). With the FIB, high-current and low-energy performance are superior and do not compromise the ultimate resolution of 5nm at 30kV.


The customized detectors integrated on the Helios NanoLab enable you to access precise topographic, chemical or crystallographic information from your sample. Combining automated FIB milling, SEM analysis and high-accuracy sample manipulation, Helios NanoLab is the preferred solution for acquiring high-resolution 3D data.


Relying on its advanced 16-bit digital pattern generator, the Helios NanoLab allows very fine and complex patterns to be written directly with the FIB. Direct deposition and enhanced etching rely on the advanced gas injection system (GIS) that meets advanced needs as varied as circuit editing or nanoprototyping.


Helios NanoLab is also unique because its automated sample preparation capabilities, using FEI's AutoTEM™ G2 software, yields thin samples that are prepared rapidly and with very high reliability. The Sidewinder FIB pioneers high-quality sample preparation using advanced endpointing and very low kV FIB cleaning—ideal for making localized samples (thinner than 50nm with damage thickness below 2nm) for observation in high-resolution S/TEMs.



The Helios NanoLab is an excellent performer for applications similar to the following:






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